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Being injured by an airbag is unacceptable and usually points to negligence on the part of the manufacturer. Let a Lakeland airbag injury attorney from our firm help you to put together a case against a negligent auto parts manufacturer.

Oftentimes when people are involved in vehicle wrecks in Lakeland, they don’t know what caused the accident or who is liable. In the case of negligence-related airbag injuries, the liable party is typically pretty clear. When an airbag doesn’t function properly, most likely the manufacturer of the airbag is to blame.

Airbags are an important safety feature in your vehicle, and you expect them to function the way they were intended, since your life may depend on your airbag. So what happens if the airbag doesn’t function properly and you receive serious injuries as a result?

You have the right to hold the negligent manufacturer accountable for your injuries and damages. A Lakeland airbag injury lawyer with Lopez & Humphries, PA can assist you in going after the liable manufacturer.

How Airbags Can Malfunction and Result in Injuries for Lakeland Victims

Airbags can malfunction in a variety of ways, leading to devastating injuries for the accident victims. Some of the ways airbags can harm consumers are listed for you below.

  • Airbag fails to deploy
  • Airbag explodes and contains shrapnel
  • Airbag deploys at the wrong angle
  • Airbag deploys too slowly
  • Airbag deploys too forcefully
  • Airbag deploys too soon
  • Airbag was replaced with a fake airbag

No matter what types of injuries you’ve sustained because of defective airbags, your Lakeland airbag malfunction lawyer will work to see that you are compensated for your suffering.

Compensatory Damages after a Lakeland Airbag Malfunction

When you’ve been injured by a defective airbag, you will be dealing with losses. Your injuries could have you struggling with physical pain, mental trauma from the accident, and lost work wages. You could be unable to enjoy your life because your injuries have brought you low.

Your Lakeland defective airbag lawyer wants to see that you get back up again, and they will do everything possible to see that your claim reaches a successful resolution. You deserve to receive a settlement that will pay for all your monetary and nonmonetary losses caused by a manufacturer’s negligence.

These are a few damages commonly paid out in airbag injury claims in Lakeland.

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost income and lost earning capability
  • Costs of physical therapy
  • Mental anguish and treatment costs
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Property damage

Reach Out to a Defective Airbag Attorney in Lakeland, Florida

When you’ve been injured because an airbag manufacturing company was being negligent or irresponsible, you have the right to submit an injury claim against them. It may seem like a daunting task to go up against a manufacturer, but you don’t have to face this process alone.

A Lakeland airbag injury lawyer can assist you in gathering evidence of negligence and putting together a compelling case that shows the manufacturer was at fault for your injuries. Receive a free claim assessment when you call Lopez & Humphries, PA at (863) 774-3573. You can also fill out and send in the internet submission form below.

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