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If a back injury has left you with financial damages and other losses, contact a spine injury attorney in Lakeland, Florida, to find out if you’re eligible for an injury claim.

Getting into an accident is always a serious matter. While injuries like broken bones or scars are frightening and difficult to deal with, few types of damages are as serious as spinal injuries. Not only are these injuries painful, but they also have the potential to seriously decrease your quality of life and your financial stability.

But if the accident you were involved in was the result of another person’s reckless, negligent, or malicious actions, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to deal with the damages alone. The law is on your side, and you have every right to take legal action to recover compensation.

That’s what the attorneys at Lopez & Humphries, PA are here for. We understand that the legal system is complex, and our Lakeland spinal injury lawyers will happily represent your interests throughout the proceedings, allowing you to focus on your recovery and move forward with your life after the back injury.

Why It’s Important to File an Injury Claim

Many victims believe that injuries are simply a part of life and that they must deal with the aftermath of the accident on their own. However, if another person caused your damages, you have every right to file a personal injury claim, and it’s crucial that you do so.

Spinal injuries, in particular, can have symptoms that range from mild to severe. In extreme cases, a back injury could lead to a complete case of paralysis. Taking care of these injuries often leads to significant financial setbacks, especially regarding steep medical bills.

Most Common Types of Spine Injuries

Your spine injury attorney will need a solid diagnosis from your doctor regarding the nature and extent of your back injury. This information will play a crucial role in building the rest of your case, as it will set the foundation for determining what your settlement should be, and it will indicate how the other party behaved negligently and affected your quality of life.

Some of the most common types of back injuries seen in personal injury claims include the following:

  • Herniated, collapsed, or ruptured discs
  • Back strains, sprains, or spasms
  • Inability to breathe without the assistance of a respiratory machine
  • Vertebrae or compression fractures
  • Spinal nerve damage
  • Partial or complete paralysis

What Caused Your Spinal Damage?

Another crucial part of building your case will be reviewing the evidence and determining what caused your injuries. Determining the nature of the accident will provide your Lakeland spinal injury lawyer with the information necessary to build a solid, viable argument for your compensation.

Some common causes of severe spinal damage are as follows:

Damages Recovered for a Spine Injury

After reviewing how your injuries were sustained and the extent of your back injury, your lawyer will seek the financial compensation you’re entitled to. Collecting damages will ensure that your quality of life is preserved and that you face as little financial upheaval as possible.

These benefits may include any of the following that apply to your case:

  • Present, past, and future expenses for medical care
  • Wages lost and decreased earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death benefits

Having an attorney on your side for this aspect of the case is crucial. The insurance company will be doing everything in their power to provide you with the smallest payment possible, and if you choose to seek benefits on your own, you might miss out on crucial types of compensation that you need but didn’t think to ask for.

Contact a Lakeland Back Injury Attorney

If you are ready to take legal action against the liable party for your back injury or paralysis, Lopez & Humphries, PA is standing by and ready to help. Our attorneys are committed to your success, and we will do everything in our power to obtain the successful outcome you deserve.

Give us a call today at (863) 774-3573 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page to arrange a free consultation with a Lakeland spine injury lawyer.

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