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The injuries motorcycle crash victims endure can result in permanent consequences. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle collision and aren’t sure where to turn, reach out to a Lakeland motorcycle crash lawyer today.

For injured bikers, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, amputations, severe burns, and organ damage are all common. The road to recovery for injuries as critical as these can feel endless. With years of therapies, surgeries, and doctor appointments ahead, it’s easy for a motorcycle accident victim to become completely consumed with the effects of his or her accident.

At Lopez & Humphries, PA, we understand how life-shattering such injuries can be. Our hope is to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your suffering so you can start to pick up the pieces of your life. Get started by calling a qualified and experienced Lakeland motorcycle accident attorney.

Who Could Be Liable

More often than not, the driver of the vehicle that hit you will be responsible for your motorcycle accident in Lakeland. He or she could have been driving aggressively, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or engaging in the increasingly common practice of distracted driving. This occurs when a driver’s attention is focused on something other than the road.

In some instances, however, the driver has done his or her part to drive safely, and circumstances beyond the motorist’s control cause the vehicle to malfunction, resulting in a collision with you, the motorcyclist.

If this seems to be case, we will investigate to determine whether a faulty part was installed or a recalled part wasn’t brought to your attention. When a parts manufacturer or technician fails to report recalled parts, he or she could be liable for the damages you’ve endured.

Florida governmental road authorities are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the roads themselves. So when missing street signs, debris in the road, massive potholes, or improperly secured road construction zones are the cause of a motorcycle accident, certain government agencies can be held financially responsible.

Dishonest Insurers and Your Claim

It’s wise to be careful with the insurance company—both your own and that of the liable party. This is because insurers rarely, if ever, prioritize the needs of their claimants and policyholders above their own. In an attempt to reduce the amount that they’ll be required to settle for, you can expect the insurers to stigmatize you as a typical “reckless” biker.

The media’s portrayal of motorcycle riders as reckless, dangerous drivers adds an unfair level of blame to motorcycle injury victims’ plates. Due to Florida’s comparative negligence laws, the insurer may be able to reduce its losses if it can place maximum blame on you for your Lakeland motorcycle accident.

The involved insurance company may also attempt to avoid compensating you for items clearly laid out in your insurance policy by making use of the false stereotypes about motorcyclists. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Lakeland will have little tolerance for this blatant attempt at protecting corporate profit margins and will fight to make sure the insurer handles your claim with fairness.

What Losses You Can Expect to Recover

Our ultimate goal is going to be to maximize the amount of compensation you are able to recover. Once we’ve established who will be the defendant in your case, we will proceed with computing how much your Lakeland motorcycle accident claim is worth. We will leave out no area of your life that has been affected when determining what amount you are entitled to.

Economic Damages

First and foremost, we will consider the economic damages you’ve incurred. Any income you’ve lost by not being able to work, as well as the damage done to your future earning potential, such as the loss of bonuses, raises, retirement savings, and promotions, should be reimbursable.

In addition, your medical expenses should be covered in their entirety by the defendant. Some common medical expenses in motorcycle crashes include the following:

  • Hospital bills
  • Copays
  • Medical equipment
  • Home adjustments to accommodate equipment
  • Transportation costs to and from doctor visits
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy

Non-Economic Damages

Once we have calculated the economic value of your claim, we will move on to the areas that aren’t as quantifiable. How can you put a monetary value on your inability to continue to enjoy activities like golfing or running—known collectively as the loss of enjoyment of life—or your pain and suffering? We also consider the loss of companionship and love, the effects of a disfiguring injury, and emotional distress in our computation of the value of your non-economic damages. Getting compensated for the non-economic damages you’ve suffered is important, but it’s not easy. Talk to your lawyer about seeking justice for your personal injuries.

Punitive Damages

It’s also possible that, if gross negligence or maliciousness by the defendant was a factor in the seriousness of your injury, you could be awarded punitive damages. These often dramatically increase personal injury compensation amounts and are meant to deter future similar behaviors by making an example of the defendant in your case.

If you already are being forced to deal with a difficult recovery, it doesn’t need to be worsened by the mounting medical bills and household expenses that can’t pay themselves. When the negligent behavior of another causes a motorcycle accident in Lakeland, the person responsible for that behavior should be compelled to handle the damage he or she has caused.

What Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

When drivers are injured on their motorcycles, they may struggle to protect their rights to compensation and take the right steps for a successful claim. But you may be unsure what our lawyers can do for your accident case.

When you visit our office and speak with us as consultants for your claim, we’ll get to work as soon as possible. We can help you determine causation, your claim’s worth, and defend you from being assigned blame. That way, you can focus on your health.

Contact an Attorney

Facing a devastating motorcycle injury can be intimidating, especially when you’re under the stress of mounting medical costs and an inability to provide for yourself and your family. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone.

If you contact an experienced Lakeland motorcycle accident attorney at Lopez & Humphries, PA, you’ll be able to devote your time to making a full physical recovery while we deal with the legal matters at hand. Schedule a free claim evaluation today by giving us a call at (863) 774-3573 or filling out the online contact form.


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Motorcycle Accident FAQ

What if my passenger caused the crash?

When your passenger has caused your motorcycle collision, we will be sure to handle your case with a high level of care. It’s very likely that your passenger is a close friend or family member, and you are going to be hesitant about creating conflict. It’s just as important, however, that you are fairly compensated for your damages by the person responsible for injuring you.



If I wasn’t wearing a helmet, can I still pursue compensation for my motorcycle crash?

You are still able to file a claim if you weren’t wearing your helmet. Although you are not legally required to wear one if you are over twenty-one years of age and carry the mandatory personal injury protection coverage of $10,000, choosing not to wear your helmet could be interpreted as showing a lack of care for your own safety. Under comparative negligence laws, holding blame will reduce your compensation.

I was just diagnosed. Do I have time to seek compensation?

While your accident might have occurred years ago, being diagnosed with an injury that directly stems from a motorcycle accident you were involved in extends the statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Currently, you have four years from the date the accident occurred or from the date of your diagnosed injury to pursue compensation.

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