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A serious injury can keep you from supporting yourself and your family. Hurt in an accident and facing a difficult recovery? Contact a Lakeland injury lawyer for help seeking the compensation you deserve.

Recovering from a serious injury can be daunting. It’s even harder while you still have household responsibilities. Dealing with your mortgage, utilities, car payments, and groceries plus growing medicals bills is a challenge.

But you don’t have to go through this alone. A Lakeland personal injury lawyer at Lopez & Humphries, PA can help you get your life back.

Accidents That Warrant a Lakeland Personal Injury Claim

Many types of accidents qualify for compensation through a personal injury claim in Lakeland. Some common accidents our clients have been in include:

  • Car Accidents – Vehicle collisions often cause serious injuries.
  • Premises Liability – These happen when a property owner hasn’t ensured the safety of their invited guests. A good example could be a homeowner who didn’t clean up a spilled liquid before inviting people over. A guest slips on the puddle and breaks a hip or suffers a back injury. A premises liability case is born.
  • Dog Bites Florida follows strict liability laws for dog bite injuries. This means that when a dog bites someone, the dog owner will be responsible for damages. That’s regardless of the dog’s behavior before the attack.
  • Medical Malpractice – For malpractice to occur, a medical professional treating or caring for a patient makes an error another qualified professional would not have made. Some examples include misdiagnosis, failing to treat a condition, or giving the wrong dose of medication.
  • Defective Products – Also known as product liability claims, these occur when a consumer product malfunctions and causes injuries. These accidents often make headlines due to massive recalls.
  • Boat Accidents A boat accident is like a car accident. If someone else caused it and your resulting injuries, you deserve compensation.
  • Wrongful Death If your loved one was killed because of someone else’s negligence, you can pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Finding Fault for Your Lakeland Accident

First we will determine if you have a claim. Then we’ll start looking into the specifics of your case. We’ll figure out who is liable for your injuries. This can vary, depending on the type of accident you’ve been hurt in.

For instance, in car accidents, the driver of the vehicle that hit you, parts manufacturers, or the state road authority may hold some of the blame. In a medical malpractice case, surgeons, physicians, nurses, home health aides, and even the hospital or doctor’s office could be sued.

After liability has been determined, we can begin calculating the value of your Lakeland personal injury claim. This is the amount of compensation we will request from the at-fault party or their insurer.

Full Compensation for Your Damages After an Injury

Figuring out how much your claim should be worth is usually a two-step process. We need to consider both the economic and non-economic damages you’ve endured.

It’s easy to nail down your financial expenses. They include things like lost wages, impact on your future earning potential (regular income, bonuses, raises, and retirement savings), and medical expenses.

It’s important to be fully reimbursed for your medical bills. You should be covered for these costs, among others:

  • your hospital stay
  • prescription meds
  • medical equipment
  • adjustments to your home to accommodate medical equipment (wheelchair ramps, hospital beds, or railings)
  • copays

Your non-economic losses should also be included in your claim’s total value. It’s hard to put a value on pain and suffering, emotional distress such as PTSD, disfigurement, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life. But all forms of emotional trauma still deserve compensation.

Sometimes, a judge decides to award punitive damages. These are meant to set an example against egregious or malicious actions. They’re also meant to punish the liable party. Having punitive damages added to your award can drastically increase the amount the defendant will be required to pay you.

The idea of an injury lawsuit is to recover all your expenses. It’s also meant to cover the non-economic damages that have devastated your life. It’s your Lakeland accident injury lawyer’s job to make sure the guilty party is accountable for your damages.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lakeland

Few people are prepared to deal with the consequences of a serious injury. Even fewer know how to move forward if their injury is someone else’s fault. Need help getting paid for the losses you’ve been forced to endure? Contact a lawyer at Lopez & Humphries, PA.

Our team of lawyers is passionate about helping injury victims reclaim their lives. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a Lakeland personal injury lawyer. Simply fill out the online contact form below, or give us a call at (863) 774-3573.

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Lakeland Personal Injury FAQ

If I file an injury claim, does that mean I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. We can avoid going to court if negotiations with the insurer or negligent party are successful. But what if the insurer makes you an insultingly low offer? What if we can't come to an agreement? Then you should be ready to bring your case in front of a judge.



Should I give a statement to the insurance adjuster about my injury?

It is often not a good idea to make a statement to the insurance company. Some insurers are infamous for using people’s words against them. They do this to try to increase the amount of blame you hold. This lowers the amount they must settle for. That protects their profits.

My accident happened a couple of years ago. Can I still file a claim?

In Florida, you have four years from the date the accident occurred or the injury was diagnosed to file a personal injury claim. The exception is a medical malpractice claim. These claims have a statute of limitations of only two years.

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