Largo Truck Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been seriously injured in a big rig crash, you can file an injury claim to get compensated for your losses. Assistance with filing your claim is available if you contact a Largo semi-truck crash attorney at our office.

No one deserves to be hurt in a serious accident, and if a negligent trucker caused you to suffer serious injuries, you can hold him or her accountable. Filing a personal injury claim is within your rights. You can be compensated for all the ways this accident has affected your life.

Speak with a Largo truck accident lawyer at Lopez & Humphries, PA. Your lawyer will investigate what led to your tractor-trailer collision and figure out who is liable; sue the liable party to see that justice is done; and fight to make sure you get the maximum possible compensation for your crash-related injuries.

Causes of Trucking Collisions in Largo, Florida

Semi-trucks are enormous, and being in a collision with one of these monstrosities will not likely end well. A crash can mean serious injuries or death for victims. If negligence played a role in your truck crash, you deserve justice for your physical injuries, mental trauma, and the financial ramifications of the crash.

Many factors could lead to an 18-wheeler collision, but not all of them leave the trucker with full responsibility for the accident. For instance, if a trucker lost control of his or her truck because of a tire blowout, which party would be liable? Perhaps a mechanic who performed sloppy work is to blame, or maybe it’s the trucking company.

An investigation by a Largo truck wreck attorney is critically important to discovering the cause of your crash. See below for a list of reasons big rigs can crash and injure innocent motorists:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Hazards on the roads
  • Drunk driving
  • Poor body shop service
  • Faulty truck or auto parts

Monetary Compensation for a Largo 18-Wheeler Collision

Serious crash injuries can force huge monetary losses into your life. When you didn’t cause your 18-wheeler crash, you shouldn’t be stuck with the related expenses. Florida law doesn’t think you should have to pay, either, and that’s why it’s possible for you to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party.

Your Largo big rig wreck lawyer will help you obtain a settlement that may include the following damages, depending on the details of your situation:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost work wages
  • Permanent injury
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Mental anguish

Speak with a Largo Tractor-Trailer Crash Lawyer

You don’t have to face the complicated process of filing a claim on your own. You need the money from a successful claim to pay for your damages, so you don’t want to take any chance of not receiving the money you’re owed. Without a lawyer, you could accidentally harm your claim for compensation.

Obtain an ally in the fight for the damages you’re owed for your injuries. A Largo truck accident lawyer from Lopez & Humphries, PA can be reached at 863-709-8500 or by entering your contact information into the form below. We offer free claim assessments, so you can discover what your claim is worth today.