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If a property owner’s negligence has caused you to be seriously hurt, you deserve compensation for your injuries and damages. Contact a Lakeland premises liability attorney for help.

Accidents can happen when we don’t expect them to—even when we’re just trying to get our shopping done at the local mall. However, if you were injured at a business or someone’s home, you could be owed compensation for your losses. If negligence caused your accident, then you can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation.

Property owners, including business owners, are expected to maintain a safe property for guests and visitors. If they fail to do so, and you are injured because of that carelessness, then you can receive money for your damages. Contact a Lakeland premises liability lawyer to learn more about filing an injury claim.

Types of Lakeland Property Hazard Accidents

There are a variety of ways you can be injured on a person’s property, especially if they’re not being careful to maintain a safe premises.

For instance, a loose floorboard might seem like nothing to the property owner, who remembers it’s there. But, to a guest who knows nothing of the problem, that loose floorboard can become a dangerous tripping hazard.

When a property owner fails to correct a dangerous situation—or fails to warn you about it—and you are injured, you can seek compensation for your damages. It’s reasonable for you to expect that party to pay you for your losses.

The following are a few types of accidents that your Lakeland property liability attorney sees on a regular basis:

Working Toward the Justice You Deserve for Your Lakeland Property Injury

You’ve been hurt because of someone else’s failure to maintain their property. You shouldn’t have to pay for the costs associated with an injury. That’s why your Lakeland premises liability attorney is going to do everything possible to see that you win your case. You deserve to receive the money you need to pay for your losses.

Below, you’ll find some common damages that are often included in injury claims:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Mental trauma
  • Mental health services
  • Physical therapy
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Seek Legal Help from a Lakeland Property Injury Attorney

When you are a visitor or guest on another’s property, you expect to be safe. When a property owner has injured you because they failed to maintain a hazard-free premises, you have a right to seek payment for your damages. Filing a property liability claim can be intimidating, as you’ve likely never done it before. It doesn’t have to be.

Work with a Lakeland premises liability lawyer at Lopez & Humphries, PA. We will investigate your incident and show the involved insurance company that your injuries deserve fair compensation. Call (863) 774-3573 to schedule your free claim evaluation, or send in the online contact form on this page.

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