How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Florida Lawsuits?

When you’ve been injured in an accident, filing and winning a lawsuit against the negligent party can ensure you receive compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. To that end, when the settlement is calculated, your personal injury lawyer will incorporate more than just your medical expenses into your claim’s value. Both economic and non-economic damages will be examined, including pain and suffering.

Many injury victims get compensated for pain and suffering because the accident and injury that took place affected their lifestyle in a negative way. It can be difficult for the court to put a monetary value on pain and suffering, but with the help of a personal injury lawyer at Lopez & Humphries, PA, you can rest assured that you will know how to request the maximum compensation possible for your losses.

How to Measure Pain and Suffering

The state of Florida doesn’t have a cap on how much money can be acquired for pain and suffering, and there are no specific calculation processes in place; however, a few different methods can be used by attorneys and the courts.

Some of the factors taken into consideration when calculating pain and suffering damages include:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • The side effects that may occur long-term from the injuries
  • Whether the injured victim had preexisting conditions
  • The amount of income lost
  • The injured victim’s age

A calculation may also be done based on the medical expenses of the injuries. For example, if the medical expenses of the injuries total $60,000, then a lawyer may argue that their client deserves twice that amount in pain and suffering compensation.

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Your attorney can work with you and with the courts to determine how pain and suffering should be calculated in your specific Florida accident case. At Lopez & Humphries, PA, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with whatever settlement amount we land on.

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