What Does PIP Insurance Cover in Florida?

Because Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to car insurance, you are probably wondering what your no-fault insurance covers. Personal injury protection (PIP) benefits—also called no-fault insurance—are designed to cover most of your damages if you’ve been involved in an auto collision.

This system works well for minor crashes, such as fender benders. However, it’s not as effective for moderate-to-severe crashes because your damages will likely exceed the limits set by your PIP insurance. So then, what does PIP insurance cover in Florida?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits in Florida

Florida’s minimum coverage for personal injury protection is $10,000. This amount is meant to pay for your medical bills and missed work wages if you’re involved in a crash. This amount can also be used to cover other members of your household, minor children, and passengers who don’t have their own PIP insurance.

When PIP Benefits Aren’t Enough

If your injury is relatively minor, then your own insurance policy might cover the damages you’ve suffered. However, if your crash left you with moderate-to-severe injuries, $10,000 is likely not enough. Your hospital bills alone could far exceed $10,000, and that’s not including missed time from work and all of the other expenses you’ll face.

Additionally, if you’ve been catastrophically injured, you might need to collect far more, in the way of damages, from the person who harmed you.

In Florida, if your injuries are severe and your damages are great, you are allowed to take your claim outside of the no-fault system. This will require you to prove that your injuries meet Florida’s serious injury threshold.

Get Help from an Auto Injury Lawyer in Florida

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