How Your Lawyer Will Investigate Your Car Accident

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Car accidents occur for a variety of reasons, but negligence is one of the most common. A collision with a distracted or drunk driver can result in a personal injury that will prevent you from working or enjoying life. That’s why you should seek compensation and file a car accident claim

Those interested in avoiding payouts, like the at-fault driver or the insurance company, will focus on investigating the accident to ruin your claim’s value. To protect your case and investigate your car accident to help you recover, reach out to the attorneys at Lopez & Humphries, PA for guidance. 

Surveillance Footage

Establishing what happened and proving liability in the moments following a road crash can be complicated. Defendants may accuse you of bringing inconclusive evidence that doesn’t prove your side of the story represents the truth. 

Accident lawyers are aware of this and will make sure to obtain surveillance footage as soon as possible. It becomes more difficult to put the blame on you when there’s recorded evidence to support your claim.

Property Damage Analysis

Property damage is an important part of your compensation and can be costly. Your lawyer can look at the damage done to your vehicle or personal items that were inside when the accident occurred and use it to prove the other driver’s negligence.

Road conditions and other physical evidence also tell a story. Tire marks can help reveal exactly what happened after the other driver’s negligent actions caused your injuries. For example, if no attempt to stop and engage the brakes was made, proving that there was intent to cause harm becomes easier. 

Cooperating with Expert Witnesses

The investigation process is not as simple as looking at the circumstances that led to your accident and asking for a specific amount of compensation. That’s why they prefer to cooperate with expert witnesses who can state facts and back up your side of the story in a courtroom

An expert witness is fundamental even if they weren’t present at the scene of an accident. Their specialized knowledge can help you prove different factors related to your case, especially if certain pieces of evidence lack context. 

Reviewing Your Medical Records

The injuries caused by a negligent driver act as evidence for your accident claim. Seeking medical assistance allows you to obtain medical records, which can be used to calculate your settlement and prove you’re due compensation. 

Lawyers can also look into these documents to understand how hard your body was hit and from which side. That’s another fundamental element necessary to prove negligence and stop adjusters from accusing you of being responsible for your health conditions. 

Investigate Your Accident with a Lawyer’s Aid 

Defendants and insurance companies want to force you into an uphill battle where you’ll be left with no choice but to accept an unfair settlement offer. Nobody wants to be lowballed after being involved in an unexpected event that could change their life forever. 

At Lopez & Humphries, PA, we don’t get paid to lose. Our lawyers will handle the investigation process on your behalf, so you can relax while we focus on providing you with the best settlement offer for your case. To schedule a free consultation, all you have to do is call us at 863-709-8500 or fill out our online contact form.

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