Defining Personal Injury Law | Lakeland FL Personal Injury Attorney

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It’s not uncommon for a reader to reach out to me asking about personal injury law. They understand parts of it, but they need clarification on this subject. For this reason, we’ll be going over some of the more basic concepts involving this type of law. If you have a question regarding this material, please comment or send me a personal email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For an experienced personal injury lawyer in Polk County FL, please visit us today at

Defining Personal Injury Law:

When someone inflicts harm or injury on someone else in any way, there is a potential claim of personal injury. The injured party may have a right to compensation for their injuries. This is not always necessary for simple injuries such as a scraped knee. But when someone is looking at a six-figure hospital bill, they will likely expect compensation from the responsible party. This is where personal injury law comes in. It is the settling of legal disputes over claims of personal injury between two parties.

How Does The Court Make Decisions?

After both sides have made their legal arguments, it is now time for the decision to be made. But how does this decision-making process take place? To keep this simple, think about TV shows such as Judge Judy. Notice that there isn’t a jury present? The sole decider for the case is the judge. This is generally how these types of cases are settled, by a judge. The judge will look at both arguments and rule in favor of the argument that is backed by previous legal cases with similar outcomes. This is the basic process behind personal injury law.

Why Would I Need A Lawyer?

The majority of the questions I get from readers have to revolve around this. While it might seem like a clear-cut case, it is highly advised that you hire a lawyer. Better safe than sorry, right? If you don’t hire a lawyer, you are legally vulnerable and the opposing side will quickly take advantage of this. So in summation, when in doubt, hire a lawyer.