Car Accidents Caused By These Commonly Broken Laws

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Thousands of drivers are in car accidents in the state of Florida every single day. They are in accidents that are completely avoidable, however they believe they are safe drivers. And they are surprised to discover that they are at fault for the accident. Florida traffic laws are designed with one goal in mind, to keep drivers safe. Once a driver disregards these laws, they are putting everyone's life at risk. Here are some of the most commonly broken driving laws.

Driving Too Fast (See the official FL statute here)

We all see this way too often. Some driver thinks they are invincible and decides to bolt by you at 90 mph. A few miles ahead you are the one passing them, and they've been in a serious accident. Speeding is dangerous to everyone on the road, not just the driver. Drivers that speed have a much higher probability of being in an accident, which is why it has been made illegal. Speeding drivers that are in accidents are also likely to be the one at fault.

Following Too Closely (See the official FL statue here)

Florida driving laws remain subjective when it comes to following too closely. This is great news for anyone that has been the victim of tailgating, because everyone hates tail-gaters. There is no excuse for driving five feet behind someone at 50 mph. It is not only dangerous, it is disrespectful, and illegal. Don't be surprised when you are found guilty and required to pay serious amounts in damages if you cause an accident because of tailgating.

Not Using Turn Signals (See the official FL statue here)

This is the most commonly broken law on the roadways, and many people actually believe that turn signals are not required. Do not believe this. Florida law clearly states that it is required to use a turn signal to indicate any form of movement to the left or right when you are driving. Not only is turning without signaling dangerous, it is illegal. Doing so puts everyone at risk. If you are in an accident because of this, do not be surprised when you are found to be at fault.

If you follow these laws, you greatly reduce your chance of being in an auto accident. This in turn will greatly reduce the chance of a serious lawsuit for being the one at fault. And if you find yourself in an accident with a driver that disobeyed a law, do us all a favor and contact Lopez & Humphries, P.A. for an experienced car accident attorney in Lakeland FL.