Recovering Non-Economic Damages After a Florida Auto Accident

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February 28, 2019

However, not everyone is aware that non-economic losses can also be compensated. What are non-economic losses? These types of losses refer to all the negative effects that your accident and injury have caused in your life, which are not tied to a direct financial loss.

Examples of Non-Economic Damages

Many people would argue that the non-economic damages are worse than the economic ones. That’s because non-economic effects of an accident and injuries can last a lifetime, whereas the financial losses can eventually be overcome. Here are some examples of how your accident can change your life in a non-monetary way.

  • Your injuries could be permanent and disabling, such as a spinal injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • You could suffer emotionally and mentally following your accident, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, stress, and fear.
  • Your injury could prevent you from engaging in the activities that once gave your life meaning, making you question your purpose in life.
  • You could be unable to work, which might make you feel like an unproductive member of society.
  • Your injury could bring about scarring or disfigurement, causing you embarrassment and lack of self-confidence.
  • Your injury could cause you temporary or lifelong pain and suffering.
  • Your family can be greatly impacted by your accident and injury, in some cases causing a family to break apart or causing couples to divorce.

How Do You Recover Payment for Non-Financial Losses?

Now that you know what non-economic losses are, you will want to know how to request them in your injury claim. First, you need to gather evidence of your damages. This can be witness statements, statements from your family, medical evidence, statements from mental health professionals, and records of your pain and trauma.

This evidence will show an insurance company, or the court, that you deserve to be paid for all the negative ways your life has been altered because of this accident. How much your claim is worth will depend on your unique case and your personal situation. Every accident is different and how your injuries will affect you are unique, as well.

Make Sure You Receive Experienced Legal Help With Winning Your Claim

You deserve to be compensated for all your damages, including non-economic ones. Fighting and winning an injury claim is hard work and you probably want some help. Your attorney from our firm will not stop until they’ve done everything possible to win your case. Don’t try facing this alone—you’ve been through enough.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay you fair compensation so having an attorney beside you during the injury claim process is in your best interests. To reach Lopez & Humphries, PA and claim your free case evaluation, call 863-709-8500.. You can also contact us by filling out the form down below.

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