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If you were injured while riding your motorcycle and think someone else was responsible, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Poinciana to sue the at-fault party and fight for the settlement you need for recovery.

Motorcyclists take a greater risk than vehicle drivers every time they get on their bike. Even when bikers wear a helmet, motorcycle accidents in Poinciana can cause severe and sometimes life-altering injuries. Although most motorcyclists know the risk they take, riding a motorcycle doesn’t automatically make them responsible for every collision they’re involved in.

If you’re a motorcyclist who’s been injured in a Poinciana accident and you know someone else caused your wreck, you can sue the liable party for damages. A Poinciana motorcycle accident lawyer from Lopez & Humphries, PA can get the most out of your claim by using evidence to support you in court. Once we identify the defendant, you’ll feel relieved of financial stress. 

Handling Your Insurance Company After Your Poinciana Bike Wreck

Your insurance company will likely contact you after your Poinciana bike wreck occurs. They may ask you to record a statement about what happened, but you don’t have to give a statement right away. Speaking to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Poinciana before giving your statement can be beneficial. Your attorney can help you script your answer and determine the true value of your damages.

If your insurance company in Poinciana offers you a settlement after you’ve talked to your attorney about your claim, you’ll have a better sense of how much money you deserve. Insurance companies often try to settle for the least amount of money possible because they want to keep money in their own pockets.  

Poinciana Motorcycle Accident Claims Aren’t Always Easy to Win

The stereotype of the reckless motorcyclist can be a hard one to break. You may find that you have to fight an uphill battle in court to prove to the judge and jury that you aren’t responsible for causing your collision.

A Poinciana motorcycle accident attorney can support you through the legal process and use evidence such as witness testimonies, photographs, video footage, and medical records to identify the at-fault party in your wreck and prove negligence against them in court. 

Vehicle Driver Negligence in Poinciana Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Poinciana occur for various reasons, and negligence on behalf of vehicle drivers is often a contributing factor. Vehicle drivers can cause motorcycle accidents if they’re texting while driving, speeding, driving under the influence, failing to yield, or improperly changing lanes. A vehicle driver can also suddenly stop and cause a motorcycle wreck.

People often think motorcyclists are the culprits in any accident they’re involved in, but this isn’t always the case. When vehicle or truck drivers cause collisions with motorcycles in Poinciana, they should be held accountable.

Reach Out to a Poinciana Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It can be discouraging as a motorcyclist who’s experienced an accident to feel guilty from the start. However, proving negligence against the liable party is possible when you have a strong legal team by your side. If you’re ready to discuss your case with a Poinciana motorcycle accident lawyer from Lopez & Humphries, PA, call (863) 774-3573 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation.

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