It has been part of our mission, to help draw attention to the dangers of Texting and Driving (Distracted Driving). We appreciate your interest in helping spread the word to your family and friends. While we know these magnets cannot prevent drivers from Texting and Driving our hope is, it may provide a subtle reminder to drivers when they are getting in their cars or to others around them in traffic to think before they text.



Troubling Statistics

  • In 2018, Distracted Driving crashes accounted for more than 3,000 serious injuries and 233 deaths in Florida. -
  • Car Crashes are the Number One Killer of Teens -
  • The National Safety Council estimates 25% of all crashes involve the use of cell phones. (21% - Phone Calls & 4% - Text Messaging) -
  • 9% of fatal crashes between 2012-2018 involved a distracted driver -
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Survey found
    • 20% of drivers age 18-20 said texting does not affect their driving
    • Nearly 30% of drivers ages 21-34 said texting has no impact.
  • 5 Seconds
    • The average time a person takes their eyes off the road while texting.
    • At 55 mph a car can cover a football field.


Remember #ItCanWait and remind your love ones to drive safe and join you in supporting #NoTextWhileDriving campaign.


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