What Are the Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida?

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Did the negligent actions of someone cause you to break your arm or experience a severe injury? Are you now struggling to pay for your medical bills and recover from lost wages while you recover? If you’re currently in a similar situation, then you may want to file an injury claim against the responsible party. 

But, before filing a personal injury claim, it’s essential to follow specific steps beforehand. Whether you obtain a successful injury claim can depend heavily on your actions following your original injury. The following are steps you should take when filing a personal injury claim. 

Gather Evidence 

Gathering evidence is vital for any injury claim. Evidence is the determining factor in most injury claims, and you’re going to need substantial evidence if you expect to obtain compensation for your damages. But what is considered valuable evidence? 

Obtaining a medical examination is one of the first pieces of evidence you should acquire. Having a doctor exam your body for damages can help you determine the accurate value of your physical injuries along with your current and future medical bills. Always visit a doctor immediately after your injury.

It’s also crucial that you document your accident as much as you can. For this reason, you should obtain photos, witness statements, and a police report of your injury. You want to be extremely thorough when documenting your accident, and you should take advantage of any resources you can to accomplish this. 

At first glance, gathering evidence can seem like an exhausting process, but this isn’t necessarily true. Although the timing is everything when obtaining evidence, the actual act of visiting a doctor, taking pictures of your injury, and getting your police report is generally not too difficult. 

Speak with an Injury Lawyer About Your Case

After accessing your damages (medical bills, lost wages, and more), speaking with an injury lawyer is the next in the process of filing an injury claim. Although you are by no means obligated to contact one, talking with an injury attorney can help kickstart your injury claim. 

Because injury lawyers have years of experience with similar cases involving severe injury such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), they can help with every aspect of your case. For example, if you’re having trouble gathering evidence, they can guide through this process. Once you’ve built your claim up enough, they can then help you officially file your claim against the other party. 

If the settlement offered isn’t satisfying enough, they can then help you fight for your compensation in court. 

Reach Out to an Injury Lawyer

Lopez & Humphries, PA features injury lawyer who can help you file your injury claim. Although you may feel lost and confused, we can use our years of experience to help you fight for your compensation. We can not only answer any questions you may have about your claim, but we can also help you obtain fair compensation for your damages.

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