How to Calculate a Personal Injury Settlement in Florida

Following an accident, especially if you’ve been seriously injured, you will likely be dealing with life-altering damages.

You could still be in the hospital trying to recover from your injuries; medical bills might be staring up at you from your hospital tray; you could be missing out on income from work; you may be stressed, in physical pain, and suffering from mental trauma because of what you went through.

When someone else caused your injury, you can file a personal injury claim against them to receive financial compensation that will help you deal with the effects of your accident. First, you will need to know how to calculate a personal injury settlement in Florida. That way, you can be sure you’re getting what’s fair.

Calculating the Value of Your Damages

Negligence laws in Florida make it possible for you to hold liable the person who caused your accident. Filing your claim against that person means their insurance company will pay you for all your losses, assuming you prove your claim.

Losses can be financial in nature, known as economic losses. Losses can also be non-financial, known as non-economic losses. Non-financial losses have more to do with the negative experience and effects you’ve been forced to deal with, and you can be compensated for them.

To calculate your damages, you will need to add up all of your economic losses. Add up all your medical expenses, the cost of any property damage, the cost of treatment, and any other financial losses you’ve been dealt. In some cases, you can even include future financial losses that this accident will cause you.

As for your non-economic losses, you and your lawyer can discuss what you think would be a fair amount of compensation—enough to pay you back and make you feel whole for the suffering you’ve been through.

Partner with a Lakeland Personal Injury Lawyer for Help

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