Do I Have to Go to Court for a Florida Personal Injury Claim?

Many people put off filing a personal injury claim because they are afraid of going to court. This is understandable as it’s not uncommon to be intimidated by the courtroom process.

If this is the situation that caused you to put off filing your claim, you might be in need of the answer to this question: Do I have to go to court for a Florida personal injury claim?

Understanding the Personal Injury Claims Process in Florida

The answer to your question is: probably not. In a vast majority of personal injury cases, most are settled outside of the courtroom, meaning you have nothing to be afraid of.

When you file your personal injury claim, the at-fault party’s insurance company has a chance to offer you a settlement to pay for your damages. Why do they want to settle? Usually to avoid the long, tedious, and expensive court process.

Insurance companies can’t possibly fight every claim that comes their way in the courtroom—they don’t have the time, the money, or the resources. This works in your favor because it means you can secure the compensation you deserve to pay for your losses, without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.

What Happens if Your Case Does Go to Court?

If your case goes to court, the process is just like every other court case. Your lawyer will argue your case and present evidence on your behalf. If the jury decides that you deserve an award, they get to decide the amount you’re awarded.

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Now you know the answer to this question: Do I have to go to court for a Florida personal injury claim? In most cases you will not need to go to court to win the money you need for a personal injury claim in Florida.

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