How to Get an Accident Report in Largo

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When filing a lawsuit after a traumatic accident leaves you injured, you’ll need to gather proper evidence in order to determine who’s liable for causing your accident. By having tangible evidence from your wreck, you can show the judge that the at-fault party was negligent when causing your injuries, and as a result, they should have to pay you compensation for your related expenses and suffering.

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or some other catastrophic accident, the police will have records of the incident in their system. Thankfully, the state of Florida makes these records available to the public. At Lopez & Humphries, PA, a Lakeland car accident lawyer can assist you in requesting your accident report and assist in gathering any other relevant evidence.

Access to Public Records in Florida

As a Florida resident, you’re allowed to view the records of the state, the county, and the municipal units of government. You’re also allowed to view the records of any private or public entity acting on behalf of these government agencies. Records that can be requested for inspection include documents, films, maps, photographs, tapes, and sound recordings. However, there are exceptions.

Law enforcement records, medical records, birth and death records, abuse records, and education records are not included in the public access allowance. These records provide personal information on individuals and can hinder prosecution in court, which is why they’re kept private.

How to Request an Accident Report in Largo

To request an accident report from the Largo police department, you must call the police department directly or fill out a request in writing and deliver it via mail or in person.

The accident report isn’t made available to the public for the first sixty days after the accident occurs. However, those directly involved in the accident will still be able to access the report immediately. For reports less than four pages, there’s no cost.

Contact a Lakeland Car Accident Lawyer

If you’re preparing to file a claim, requesting an accident report is an essential step in building a proper case. At Lopez & Humphries, PA, a Lakeland car accident attorney can help you gather all of the evidence necessary to maximize your settlement and prove negligence occurred. To speak with a lawyer today, you can call (863) 774-3573 to schedule a free consultation or fill out the contact form below.

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