Important Evidence After a Slip-and-Fall in a Store

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Slip-and-Fall Accident Important Evidence

If you’re at a store and you slip and fall while there, you may need to take the steps needed to ensure you receive the proper compensation. Seeking medical attention and following the treatments suggested is the first step after being injured. 

You may be entitled to fair compensation for any injuries suffered because of the fall. Any safety hazards not accounted for can make the store liable. To have a case against the store, you need proof of the accident, among other things. This must be presented during the claim to show the store was negligent. 

Showing that the store is liable is tough, and it involves a lot of variables that require the help of an experienced law office and the right evidence. Talk to your attorney about your options to get evidence that you’re due compensation for your suffering.

Collecting Evidence

There are many pieces of evidence that are required in a slip-and-fall case. Collecting these pieces can help you in your case to receive enough compensation for your injuries and losses.

Having medical records of your injuries and treatments can act as evidence that you were injured, and that your injuries are connected to the accident. An incident report should have been filed right after the accident took place. This should include a description of the incident, along with pictures of the scene, and of any injuries sustained. 

It is important to have pictures of the hazards where the slip-and-fall accident took place. Any evidence of debris on the floor, spills, or dimly lit areas is essential. 

Keep any clothing you were wearing during the accident, as this might show where the trauma happened. This is especially true for keeping the shoes you were wearing during the slip. They will want to prove that this didn’t cause the accident. You have to show you were taking the necessary precautions.

Collect and hold onto anything you believe might help support your claim. Once you meet with a lawyer, you want to present them with the evidence to use during court. 

Witnesses to Your Slip-and-Fall Accident

It is important that you locate any witnesses to the accident in the store. This could be employees, bystanders, or other shoppers. These individuals can testify to what they saw and what they believe caused the accident. 

The store may have had a surveillance video. Sometimes, the court may have to request this particular evidence. This can help not only look back on the accident and what happened but also locate and name any witnesses to the accident. This will help your lawyer reach out and ask any questions. 

Prove Your Slip-and-Fall Injuries with an Injury Lawyer 

When you go through a slip-and-fall accident in Central Florida, you want to work with an experienced team, like the team at Lopez & Humphries, PA, that understands these cases. You may be entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. 

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