How to Get an Accident Report in Polk County

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Being involved in a Polk car accident can be devastating. In addition to the physical injuries you might have sustained, you could be struggling emotionally and financially as well. Fortunately, when someone else is responsible for causing your accident, you may be able to bring them to justice by pursuing a car accident claim against them. 

However, for your claim to be successful, your car accident lawyer must prove based on a preponderance of the evidence that the accused liable party is, in fact, liable. This can be done by providing evidence to support your claim including witness statements, expert testimony, photos and videos, medical records, safety reports, and most importantly, the car accident report. 

Obtaining a car accident report in Polk County is far easier than you might think. Read on to learn how you can get a copy of yours.

Where Do You Get Your Polk County Accident Report?

Getting a copy of your car accident report is a fairly easy process. But before you can do so, you’ll need to figure out where to go. It all depends on which police department was first on the scene and where the accident occurred. 

For example, if you were involved in an accident in Lakeland, and the Lakeland Police Department responded, you would contact the Lakeland Police Department Records Section and provide them with a notarized sworn statement within sixty days of the accident.

However, if the Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded, or the Florida Highway Patrol, those agencies would be responsible for providing you with a car accident report. Be prepared to pay a small fee for a copy of your traffic accident report, no matter which agency provides it.

What Happens Next?

After you or your lawyer has obtained a copy of your accident report, we can move on to the next steps of your case which include gathering evidence and establishing fault. The traffic accident report will be an integral piece of evidence that can support your case. 

Once we have determined who or what caused the injuries you sustained in your car accident, we will then be able to start negotiations with their insurance company. In many cases, the insurer will fight to pay out as little as possible. But your Polk County car accident lawyer will be prepared to negotiate for a fair and reasonable settlement. 

If the insurer still refuses a reasonable settlement, your lawyer will be prepared to go to court to ensure you are able to get the most out of your claim and be compensated for every single loss you have endured.

Get Help from a Polk County Car Accident Lawyer

When you need legal representation for your car accident claim but aren’t sure where to turn, contact a respected Lakeland car accident lawyer at Lopez & Humphries, PA for assistance. You can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by calling our office at 863-709-8500 or filling out the quick contact form at the bottom of this page.