Social Security Disability Claims Attorneys

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Important information that you should know about Social Security Disability claims, and what you can do to get your claim approved:

Nearly 80% of all disability claims are denied when they are initially received when an individual files for a claim without assistance from an experienced disability claims attorney.

You will have a higher success rate if you have all of your exhibits and evidence in order before applying for benefits.

There are a variety of parameters for disability claims based upon age of the applicant and other factors. For applicants under the age of 50, for example, you and your attorney must prove that you can do NO WORK. However, the issue of sedentary work alternative can be explored.

Applying for, and receiving, social security disability benefits can be a long, arduous and difficult process. And the success rate is very low if all of your components are not in order during that process.

Lopez and Humphries, P.A. has a proven track record of successful social security disability claims. If you are in need of a disability claims attorney in Central Florida, call the law office of Lopez and Humphries, P.A. at 863-709-1800, or visit us online for immediate assistance with your claim.