Being Falsely Accused Of A Crime

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Are you being falsely accused of a crime? If detectives are approaching you with specific questions about your whereabouts during a certain time, you are a suspect. When this happens it is imperative that you speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Avoid answering any questions from detectives. Gather evidence that supports your alibi. Stay relaxed. Plenty of people have dealt with this before and you will be safe if you have a good attorney.

Detectives Using Fear Tactics

A common method that detectives use to trick suspects into admitting is to lead them on. They will use the threat of more punishment if you don’t cooperate. Because of this, it may seem like a good idea to falsely admit to a crime you didn’t commit to avoid worse punishment. You should speak with your attorney about this at once if you felt threatened by the police at any time.

Coercing Eyewitnesses

With this in mind, it isn’t uncommon for detectives to coerce eyewitnesses as well. This can lead them to accidentally pick the wrong person out of a lineup. When this happens, you can use these options to ease the situation. Make sure that all people in the lineup match the description of the suspect. You could also request a blind lineup to prevent detectives from coercing the witness into selecting a suspect.

Unqualified Legal Representation

It happens all too often, someone hires an unqualified lawyer that makes mistakes during the trial. Next thing you know, that person is in jail because of his mistakes. This is why it is crucial that you only hire a criminal defense attorney that has experience with these types of cases. You also want one that cares about helping defend your rights and freedoms. If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer Lakeland FL, look no further than Lopez & Humphries P.A.

Don't Wait When You Are Falsely Accused

Be sure to retain a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately! Make sure to preserve your rights, and refrain from making any statement or submit to an interview or questioning by law enforcement without your attorney present. We strongly urge you to contact the criminal defense team at Lopez & Humphries, P.A. for the experience and aggressive representation you will need. Call (863)709-1800 for a no-obligation consultation regarding your case.