About Lopez & Humphries, P.A.

Lopez & Humphries P.A. - Caring Compassionate Attorneys

At Lopez & Humphries, P.A. we are caring and compassionate lawyers that are also sharp, tenacious advocates for the injured and the accused. It is important to recognize the wealth of trial experience that the firm possesses. Contact us now by using our online contact form.

Melodie Lopez and Kevin Humphries have combined trial experience in more than 100 jury trials, 500 trials before court, 500 Social Security Administration trials and over 50 Workers’ Compensation trials. The attorneys of Lopez & Humphries, P.A. have had their own respective trials featured on national media where they have been described as “experienced” and “excellent” by hosts and commentators on their trial performance. Call us now at  (863) 774-3573


Ms. López is well versed in the areas of personal injury, worker’s compensation, and social security. Ms. López has been practicing in these fields since 1999, gaining great satisfaction from her ability to positively effect people’s lives through the practice of law. Read more about Ms. Lopez

Mr. Humphries is experienced in advocating for clients in Forfeiture, Parole, FDLE and Department of Transportation Review Hearings. He has a wealth of practical experience and has also worked for both insurance defense and personal injury law firms around the state. Read more about Mr. Humphries


Mr. Waters handles a wide variety of cases for the firm. Prior to joining the firm, he worked many years as a prosecutor in the Homicide Division at the State Attorney's Office of the 10th Judicial Circuit. Read more about Mr. Waters

Ms. Greer has spent the early part of her law career in the trenches of criminal law involved in intense legal research and as a prosecutor for the 10th Judicial Circuit State Attorney's Office prior to joining the firm. She utilizes her superior research and negotiation skills to advocate for her clients' rights. Read more about Ms. Greer